Thursday, November 17, 2011

Retailers - How To Turn Christmas Crowds Into Lovely Sales

Last year, retail guru Debra Templar was freaking everyone out on Twitter by saying how many days there were till Christmas. So she's not doing it this year because her followers were whining. They didn't want to know.


People, if you're in retail, you NEED to know. For most retailers, this is the biggest revenue period of the year and when that ticking clock winds down to midnight Christmas Eve, your opportunity to make full-priced sales is gone.

So Debra, I say bring back the ticking clock! We can handle the fear! Give us an incentive to go out today, all guns blazing, and bring in those precious sales.

Only 40 days till Christmas? Send out a catalogue.

25 days till Christmas? Put a pop-up stall at the other end of your shopping centre.

10 days till Christmas? Invite your best customers for some champagne night shopping.

And of course, now is the time to make sure you have something in store to occupy children because the mums and dads are going to knock you over in their rush to get their Christmas shopping done with kids in tow and you want them to buy from you, not your competitors down the road who are keeping the kids busy while mum and dad spend.

My article How Retailers Can Increase Christmas Sales in 3 Days will give you some great ideas on how to turn those mum and dad browsers into buyers so grab a cuppa and spend ten minutes planning how you will implement your 3 day strategy to increase sales.

Because guess what?

There are only 38 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!

Happy retailing :)

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