Monday, February 6, 2012

Play Panel Gets A Makeover

So the thing about creating one of Australia's most popular commercial play products is that it's . . . y'know . . . popular. And when I say popular, I mean popular in the way that a t-bone steak is popular in the lion enclosure at the zoo. Extremely.

Because the users of our Play Panels are generally under the age of six and, boy oh boy, they are one tough crowd. They kick, lick and climb that Play Panel. They twist, bang and thump it. They are made to be tough and durable, sure, and it's just as well.

Some of our Play Panels have been in client's stores, such as Westpac, Koorong and Esprit, coming up to 6 years which is an amazing life cycle given how much wear and tear they've sustained. But some of them are starting to look a little, shall we say, tired and in need of a little makeover.

To that end, we've introduced two initiatives to make the Play Panel even more durable and ensure our clients get the best life possible from their purchase. 

Stronger Poles
If you have a Play Panel, you'll know all about the kids who try to climb the poles. They are not meant to be climbed, but try telling a 3 year old boy that those 3 poles are NOT the rungs of a ladder! Yes, we failed to put a 3 year old boy on our product advisory committee. Our mistake.

But what all those small, climbing people out there have told us through their actions over the years, is that the poles need to be stronger so that they don't pop out or break.

So that's what we've done. Made 'em tougher than a steak cooked by my nanna. Take that 3 year old boys of the world! 

Proper Printing
When little nails go round and round the phone dial, or the panels are in a moist environment like a swim school, the paper backing behind the dial and the clock and gears can deteriorate over time.

We've now silk printed all graphics directly onto the plastic so they can't be scratched, torn, licked or rubbed off, no matter how hard a child jabs them with a piece of lego! 

How To Upgrade Your Panel
If you have a Play Panel that is in need of some TLC, you can order these new parts starting from $11.50 per part.

The good news is that the dial and all the poles can all be replaced. The bad news is that the clock and gears panels are impossible to remove and replace without destroying the panel. But the other good news is that you can replace your entire Play Panel with a brand new one and we'll give all repeat customers a 10% discount until Feb 29 to do so.

If you'd like new parts or a whole spanking brand new Play Panel using this special discount, please call Kelly on (02) 9984 0769 or email

Child Friendly Solutions has been assisting Australian retailers with in-store play solutions for 10 years including Big W, K-Mart, Westpac, Toyota and Forty Winks. You can find Child Friendly Solutions Play Panels, Play Tables and other play equipment, as well as lots of information on becoming a child friendly retailer, at

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