Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Say A Few Words

Have you ever been in a change room, when at the exact moment you are clad in only bra & knickers (mismatched of course) and maybe even a pair of knee-hi stockings just to complete the look, your toddler escapes under the door and makes a run for it?

We’d love to hear about your experiences shopping with children - the good, the naughty, the downright awful! You’ll always find a sympathetic ear here at the Child Friendly Solutions blog.

Click on the Comments link below and tell us all your most hilarious, frustrating or just plain hideous story about shopping avec enfants!

You can find Child Friendly Solutions Play Panels and other play equipment at www.childfriendly.com.au

Free Report - Increase Sales With A Child Friendly Approach

If you’re a retailer experiencing tough times, here are some sobering statistics that could help you.

Research shows that 85% of parents shop with their children in tow BUT 91% of them experience difficulty making a purchase due to their kids distracting them?

That means that a significant number of your customers are potentially walking out the door, without making a purchase, just because dear little Johnny and darling little Jane aren’t occupied and are bugging mum and dad for a donut.

How does that translate into lost sales in your business? If you lose $100 in sales a day from these customers, that equates to over $35,000 in lost sales each year.


Fortunately, it doesn’t take a huge amount of time or money to keep those mums and dads in your store spending. You just need a safe, space-effective play solution and a few tips on how to maximise sales, all of which you can find right here in our Free Report.

Happy reading!

Child Friendly Solutions has been assisting Australian retailers with in-store play solutions for 10 years including Big W, K-Mart, Westpac, Toyota and Forty Winks. You can find Child Friendly Solutions Play Panels, Play Tables and other play equipment, as well as lots of information on becoming a child friendly retailer, at www.childfriendly.com.au

The Child Friendly Army

I received a lovely call from my friend Leonie last week saying she’d just been to the dentist and seen a Child Friendly Solutions Play Panel in the waiting room, keeping two toddlers (and their mums) very happy.

She sounded so excited to find one of my company’s products out there, in the real world, being used by real people, although I put her excitement partly down to the hysteria of actively ignoring her impending root canal.

But seriously, this is one of the best parts of having your own business; knowing that you are providing a product or service that is really helping people and making their life a little bit easier.

We often receive emails from grateful parents thanking us for helping to inject a little sanity into their shopping excursion or trip to the doctor as their children are safely and quietly occupied by play equipment that they know is safe, like this one from Kim, who saw our Play Panels at her local doctor’s surgery:

The Play Panels were MARVELLOUS. They kept my kids entertained during the
gruelling wait.
And that's what put a spring in my step today!

You can find Child Friendly Solutions Play Panels and other play equipment at http://www.childfriendly.com.au/

All About Child Friendly Solutions

Hello there,

Lovely to meet you.

I'm the owner of Child Friendly Solutions, a business that was founded in 1999 to help retailers keep the little darlings who go shopping with their mums and dads safely occupied in stores (without the use of strong rope and/or metal cages!)

Since then, we have sold over 5000 play solutions to nearly 700 retail stores, shopping centres, medical practices, hospitals, pubs, clubs and government offices around Australia, NZ, the UK and the good ol’ USA (pleeeease fix your currency soon!)

And me? I’m a Melbourne-bred, Sydney-converted former marketing consultant who loves kids, but can see (with the exceptional clarity that can only be borne of knock-down-drag-em-out experience) the pitfalls of shopping with them. Hence, Child Friendly Solutions!

Happy reading and let’s start talking. I’d love your feedback on any post that rings your bell or gets you hot under the strap of your baby bag!

Michelle Barraclough :)