Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All About Child Friendly Solutions

Hello there,

Lovely to meet you.

I'm the owner of Child Friendly Solutions, a business that was founded in 1999 to help retailers keep the little darlings who go shopping with their mums and dads safely occupied in stores (without the use of strong rope and/or metal cages!)

Since then, we have sold over 5000 play solutions to nearly 700 retail stores, shopping centres, medical practices, hospitals, pubs, clubs and government offices around Australia, NZ, the UK and the good ol’ USA (pleeeease fix your currency soon!)

And me? I’m a Melbourne-bred, Sydney-converted former marketing consultant who loves kids, but can see (with the exceptional clarity that can only be borne of knock-down-drag-em-out experience) the pitfalls of shopping with them. Hence, Child Friendly Solutions!

Happy reading and let’s start talking. I’d love your feedback on any post that rings your bell or gets you hot under the strap of your baby bag!

Michelle Barraclough :)

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