Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Parents Room For Centro Warriewood

Child Friendly Solutions is going gung-ho on the whole parent's room thing. Loving it!

We've just helped Centro Warriewood with a mini-makeover of their two parent's rooms - new carpet, stylish furniture, a Play Panel and some funky wall art with a space theme has turned a fairly cold, clinical room into a nice little haven for parents to feed a baby while older children play safely.

Here are the before and after shots . . .


Cold lino, hard plastic chairs . . . management made the wise
decision to soften the edges a little.


It doesn't take much to create a more welcoming look and feel.
And of course giving parents a nice environment to feed and
change little ones keeps them in the centre longer, spending,
instead of heading home.
You can find Child Friendly Solutions Play Panels, Play Tables and other play equipment at www.childfriendly.com.au

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