Monday, March 19, 2012

8 Reasons You Need This Speaker At Your Retail Conference

Well it's that time of year when all you retailers out there are planning your annual conferences. 

What band will you dance the night away to at the gala dinner? Will you serve kool mints or minties during workshop sessions? And perhaps more importantly, who will be in your speaker line up?

The latest retail trend being embraced by Australian retailers such as Westpac, Big W and Esprit is Family Friendly Retailing. So what is it and why are these major retailers implementing Family Friendly practices in their retail environments?

Michelle Barraclough is Australia's leading expert on Family Friendly Retailing. With over 10 years helping major Australian retailers such as K-Mart, Myer, NIB, Westfield and Esprit to attract and retain customers who shop with children, she has a wealth of knowledge to impart to retail audiences on this important trend.

So what will your audience of experienced conference-goers learn that they've never learned before?
  1. The 4 benefits of becoming a Family Friendly retailer:
    - increasing sales
    - improving customer service
    - attracting & retaining customers
    - reducing stock damage
  2. Examples from major Australian retailers who have become family friendly including Esprit, Toyota, Westfield, Sydney Airport and more
  3. How any retailer, large or small, can become family friendly
  4. What works & what definitely doesn’t
  5. How to create a family friendly environment that is safe & won’t impose on store design or space
  6. How to use a child friendly space as a visual merchandise opportunity
  7. Your legal and OH&S responsibilities regarding children in store
  8. Tips for training staff on how to deal with children (and their parents!) in store, including how to turn browsers into buyers.
In other words, your audience will get a swag of ideas they can take back to their stores and implement immediately, as well as loads of inspiration from the case studies on retailers who are already incorporating family friendly practices in their stores.

Here's what happy clients said about Michelle's presentations:

"Michelle's presentation was excellent. She was able to capture the attention of all participants and they came away from the session revitalised and inspired"
ENS International
"Michelle, you were a really popular speaker and received the highest evaluation across all the two days of sessions I believe. Every respondent rated you as Excellent (84%) or Very Good (16%), which is a real testament to the useful, practical content of your message and your ability to get the information across in an informative and engaging manner."
Barbara Sullivan, Director, Import Export Show

So what are you waiting for? Call me to book Michelle or to find out more about Michelle's unique presentation.

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